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Can Verbal Abuse Fall Under Domestic Violence?

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Most people associate domestic violence with physical abuse or violent behavior. However, emotional abuse can also fall under domestic violence. Domestic violence includes a broad range of abuse, including physical, sexual, psychological, and verbal. However, verbal abuse is a difficult crime to charge because it is difficult to prove. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is vital to seek an experienced attorney who can protect your rights. At Gracia & Mintz, you will find a team of qualified, experienced, and skilled defense lawyers who are solely committed to protecting the rights of those accused of domestic violence.

Can You Get Charged for Emotional & Verbal Abuse?

The answer is yes. According to Maine's state law on domestic violence or abuse, verbally threatening to commit a violent act against the other person is a crime. This means that a threat of violence may constitute abuse even if it's never followed by physical action. However, these types of allegations are the most difficult form of domestic violence to prove and an experienced domestic violence attorney can craft a solid defense against these allegations. If you were accused of verbal abuse in addition to physical or sexual abuse, a skilled and experienced lawyer can help you reduce verbal abuse charges for a favorable outcome. Even if there is small evidence against you, our Prince George's County domestic violence defense attorneys will work tirelessly to defend your case--regardless of your situation.

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Although emotional and verbal abuse may be difficult to prove, it is still vital to have an experienced attorney on your side who can guide you through this legal process. If you have been falsely accused, you shouldn’t leave your freedom and reputation at stake. The Prince George’s County criminal defense attorneys at Gracia & Mintz are ready to fight for your rights and help you get your charges reduced, or even dismissed. You deserve an aggressive defense strategy.

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