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What Can I Claim in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Prince George’s County?

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You’ve been in a car accident. Medical bills are piling up, you’re physically and mentally exhausted, and the claims process is confusing. Life is moving faster than it used to, and it’s overwhelming. Part of you just wants to take the first settlement your insurance company offers to get the process over with. However, in our experience, that’s almost always a bad idea. Here’s why:

The insurance company has one goal—to save money on your claim. The way they save money is by offering you less than you deserve, or as little as you’ll accept. That’s why an insurer’s initial settlement offer is almost always a low-ball offer. Instead, consider calling an attorney. Having a lawyer on your side evens the playing field between you and your insurer, because lawyers are as knowledgeable about car accidents as your adjuster; the difference is the lawyer’s job is to get you as much as you need to recover.

An insurance company wants to give you enough money to close your case. A lawyer wants to get you enough money to provide for all of your needs, and make up for your losses that resulted from the car crash.

The losses an attorney can help you recover include:

  • Medical care costs
  • Transportation costs to and from the doctor
  • Property losses (i.e. the car and its contents)
  • Emotional and mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and earning capacity

When an attorney helps you factor these losses into your claim, you’ll likely find that the initial settlement is far lower than what you actually need. That’s why finding a car accident attorney in Prince George’s County is so vital: a just settlement or verdict could mean the difference between a life of financial stability and a life of medical debt.

Speak with Gracia & Mintz, Attorneys at Law to discuss your car accident in a free claim consultation. Our Prince George’s County car accident lawyers can discuss your options and figure out the worth of your claim.