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Should I Talk to Police Without a Lawyer?

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If you or your loved one were arrested and are being charged with a crime, it is vital to have an experienced attorney on your side before talking to the police. When confronted with police officers, people often feel the need to speak to police officers because they think it will help them get out of the situation. However, this is far from true. Whether a person is innocent or guilty of the crime they are accused of, it doesn’t mean that talking to a police officer will help their case. Innocent people often think, “Why not talk? I haven’t done anything, nor do I have anything to hide.” If you talk, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Your Rights When Dealing with the Police

Talking to a police officer without an attorney present can be dangerous for your situation. One of the main reasons why talking to a police officer isn’t usually a good choice is because they can use the information you tell them against you. Even if you are innocent and only tell the truth, there is a chance that your answers can lead them to believe you are a suspect under unique circumstances. However, if you are guilty of the crime and they have evidence against you, it is best to remain silent until you are advised by an attorney.

For example, if you’re stopped for a DUI, you could provide the police officer with your driver’s license and take the tests required by law, but you don’t need to answer questions. You don’t need to answer them if they ask you how much you had to drink or where you’ve been. If you are arrested and take the stand to trial, your silence cannot be used against you, but what you do say can be.

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