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How Many Points for Exceeding the Speed Limit by 10 MPH?

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Maryland’s point system for speeding tickets is based on how far over the limit you were speeding. The faster you were going, the higher your fine and the more points will go on your record. If you contributed to a collision while speeding, your speeding ticket will include enhanced points and fines.

If you exceed the speed limit by:

  • 1-9 miles per hour: 1 point and $80 fine
  • 10-19 miles per hour: 2 points and $90 fine
  • 20-29 miles per hour: 2 points and $160 fine
  • 10-19 miles per hour in a 65-75 zone: 2 points and $160 fine
  • 20-29 miles per hour in a 65-75 zone: 5 points and $290 fine
  • 30-39 miles per hour: 5 points and $290 fine
  • 40+ miles per hour: 5 points and $530 fine

On top of the absolute speed limit, Maryland residents have to abide by basic speeding law, which dictates driving at a reasonable speed for the conditions you’re in. For instance, you might be left alone if you drive at 45 mph on a dry, sunny day. But on a foggy night with icy roads, that same speed would be considered reckless by the courts.

Points & Traffic Violations

Once you’ve accumulated five to seven points on your driving record within two years, the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration will compel you to sign up for a driver improvement program. If you accumulate 8-11 points in 2 years, your license could be revoked. If you accumulate 12+ points in two years, you’re looking at a years-long revocation of your driving privileges.

If you’re charged with reckless driving, you’ll likely end up with multiple traffic infractions on your record from a single incident, such as failure to stop at a red light, speeding, and reckless driving. Without a good defense, too many speeding tickets could result in serious penalties for you.

Fight all your charges, including both traffic and criminal charges. Our Prince George’s County defense attorneys have dedicated our lives to representing the accused in court. We protect our client’s lives through rigorous and aggressive defense, using our experiences as a former prosecutor and police officer to give defendants the advantage.

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