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Consequences of an Underage DUI as a Minor

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Maryland has a zero tolerance law for underage drinking, which means it is illegal for a driver under 21 to have any level of BAC. The official limit is 0.02 percent, which is roughly equivalent to less than a single drink. As a result, it’s fairly easy for underage drinkers to be charged with DUI per se

Regardless of someone’s age, their license is at risk of being suspended, revoked, or restricted. If an underage drinker is 18 or older, they’ll be tried as an adult. 

But what happens when someone under 18 gets a DUI?

What Happens When a Minor Is Charged with DUI in Prince George’s County

Minors who are charged with DUI will have their cases heard in juvenile court. In Maryland juvenile courts, the case will be heard by a “master,” a specially trained court official who serves the role of a judge. Most juvenile defendants will be required to complete some type of alcohol education prior to court.

The consequences for getting a DUI as a minor include:

  • License suspension for six months
  • Up to a $500 fine
  • Jail for up to two months
  • License suspension for one year (multiple offenses)
  • Up to a $2,000 fine (multiple offenses)

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Juvenile DUI charges are serious, and they come with serious (and long-lasting) consequences. If you don’t want your child suffering from the burden of a criminal conviction for the rest of their lives, then you’ll need counsel from an experienced litigator. 

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