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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Driving Record in Maryland?

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If you were convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you are likely trying to figure out what long-time consequences you will face. One of the things you might be wondering is how long your DUI will remain in your Maryland driving record. Unfortunately, having a DUI on your driving record does become accessible by law enforcement officials and others who conduct detailed background checks.

The DUI offense attorneys at Gracia & Mintz explain how long a DUI will remain on your driving record.

How Long Do Points Stay on Your License in MD

If you’ve received points on your Maryland driving record due to a DUI, you will likely see that it will affect you in the future. Even if your traffic violations aren’t severe enough to suspend your driver’s license, they may still affect you—it may increase your insurance premiums or may even affect your opportunities for employment.

The state of Maryland won’t remove points from your driving record until three years from the violation date. This means that these points will be considered “current” to the public, including employers and insurance providers, for three full years.

Although points on your driving record are only “current” within the three years, they aren’t merely erased. For that to happen, your driving record needs to be officially erased by the MVA. So, unless your points are specifically removed from your record, they will remain visible to the public.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorneys in Prince George’s County

If you’re being haunted by your DUI conviction or driving points, we understand that putting your driving record behind you is needed to move forward. The team of DUI defense attorneys at Gracia & Mintz are ready to provide you with the strong representation you need to achieve your desired results.

Our team has extensive experience handling expungements, and we may be able to help you close off that portion of your life. If you’re not sure if you’d be eligible to expunge your driving record, our team is ready to help you.

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